Everything starts with a conversation and that’s where we begin. We don’t show up with a workshop deliver it and run away never to be seen again, we sit down and build something with you that will benefit the community.

Our work is entirely community centred, we come with the knowledge of arts engagement and workshop facilitation and you know your community. Together we create something that will inspire and engage young people, and will have a legacy that will continue to be felt in the community.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all communities have equal access to strong arts provision. This means we support you in finding and applying for funding. This ensures that communities have the right support, and all work we do pays artists and staff fairly for their time. We are a member of the Living Wage family, and this means we pay all of our staff at least the Living Wage Foundation's recommended living wage (currently £8.45ph) 

We work with a small bank of high quality facilitators who spread across art forms, from film making to creative writing. Part of our obligation to young people is ensuring access to arts that are relevant to them. If we don't have the art form that you want in house, we'll find a way to help you. 

If you'd like to talk about how we can work with your community please get in touch and we'll have some tea. 

What people have said about our work. 

‘It's been a real pleasure to work with someone who is passionate about promoting voices in the West Midlands’ – Community Artist, Social Change through Poetry workshops at The Hive 

‘Loved the style – enthusiastic, nurturing us through the exercises, very open and reassuring’ - participant, spoken word workshop

‘Fully enjoyable and creative, innovative ideas and wonderful execution […] Loved it, highly professional and well executed’ Trustee, Worcester based charity

‘If this session was a day it would be a nice day’ Participant, storytelling workshop for 16-25s with additional needs