By: Heidi Murphy | June 27, 2017

The way that we play is changing. We spend more time playing online than outside, and we are not saying that’s a problem; but we want to ensure that children have access to play that connects them with their immediate community, and builds their communication skills.

According to Dr David Whitbread of the University of Cambridge, the play time that children do have is ‘’more heavily scheduled’’ than it has previously been in society. It is more or less agreed that play is important for the emotional and cognitive development of children, however ‘even the most playfully inclined children will not be able to play sufficiently for them to reap the benefits in terms of their learning and development, if they are not given the time, the space ...

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By: Heidi Murphy | May 26, 2017

I am not very patient. If you would like an example of this, someone emailed me about a project today (albeit a month after I originally wrote to them), a kind, exploratory email asking to know more about an initial idea I had. I, however, had to send a response saying I would be in touch; but I’d actually already put in a funding bid for this project and would hear back in… well about in about as many weeks as it took for them to apply to my initial, ‘oh! I have a thought,’ message.


This tends to happen a lot. A few years ago someone told me that work we were doing could have happened in partnership, had I not run away and started it by myself. At my best, it’s a trait that keeps me passionate, innovative and pushing boundaries. At...

By: Heidi Murphy | May 12, 2017

I pretty much win at mental health bingo. Throw some anxiety at some depression, and then sprinkle on a lovely bout of PTSD and you have someone who should really know their own warning signs by now. However, whenever I start to feel myself slipping into a murky fog, I tend to throw myself at work even when its somewhere I definitely shouldn’t be. As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to an end, I’ve written about the difference it makes being able to tell people that you’re in work only because you’re worried about your brain going into overdrive if it doesn’t have the distraction.

The Importance of Open Conversation

Last week, for the first time in my working life, I sat down and told someone that I was struggling – and the world didn’t...

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By: Heidi Murphy | April 04, 2017

We start with a disclosure – not every workspace is suitable for children, and obviously what works for one parent may not work for another. We’re on a journey to find what works for us and our staff. Our trial guinea pig, Imelda, is a fiercely independent toddler, who is happy playing alone and usually loves meeting new people.

I have been sneaking Imelda into work for short bursts of time for a couple of months, trying to find that bridge between spending quality time together and also getting some work done. We’ve done ok so far, if little bits of admin need doing, I can get distracted to play the role of ‘’orange car” in the ongoing drama of ‘blue car likes to smash into orange car’ or Peppa Pig Jurassic Park in which Daddy Pig and fam...

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By: Heidi Murphy | March 20, 2017

Regardless of your job, we all have elements of our work we can’t stand, and we all have weeks that go terribly. Yet this modern folk tale persists that once someone’s put in all the hard work and the 10000 hours, then everything suddenly becomes easier and they work for the rest of their lives care free, ticking over with everything being great.

I was going to wait until the end of a project to write a blog post about overcoming challenges, and what we learnt at the end; but it makes more sense and feels more honest to write a post at the end of a week that has pushed my boundaries, challenged me, made me doubt myself and had me weeping at my desk at 8pm eating rubbish garlic bread from a kebab shop that no one should ever set foot in sob...

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